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Welcome to As you probably guessed that is my name and this is my website where. There is also a blog but it has not been used in a while and it might just stay that way, but who knows. I just got done with a overhaul, I dropped the Drupal with MySQL because I got tired of the additional maintenance required. Everything has been transferred to the wiki, so now I only have to maintain Dokuwiki saving me time and energy.

I was born in Westerville, Ohio a suburb of Columbus. I went to Wilder and McVay Elementary schools then Walnut Springs Middle school. I started high school at Westerville North High School, and then my dad received a transfer from Ohio to Colorado. Once in Colorado I lived in Highland Ranch a suburb of Denver and went to Highlands Ranch High School. Looking back on moving I think it was a great thing for me, without it I don't think I would of ended up going to the University of North Dakota where I received my degree Commercial Aviation, and was a flight instructor there as well. I left UND to start my career in the Airlines.

I started that by working for Great Lakes Airlines where I was a captain on the Beech 1900 D model. I am currently employed by Compass Airlines as a Captain on the Embraer 175. During school I worked for the Ralph Engelstead Arena as a parking attendant where I got to stand out in the cold for Fighting Sioux hockey games. During the summers I had an internship in the IT department of the Denver Art Museum where I help work on a variety of museum projects, desktop support, a little bit of network support, and a lot of printer support.

When I am not working I enjoy working on computers(anything techie), snowboarding, playing hockey, camping, hiking, running, hanging out with my friends, and more recently reading books. I hope this gives you a little bit of insight into my life and helps you know me better.


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