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@BoseService I tried to make an order on line, a product was I back order so it was unable to be completed. So I ca… https://t.co/ydBEQ7PSo3
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Game 1 of the #StanleyCup #GoAvsGo https://t.co/lsmLHcYSgx
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Good morning CBUS it was nice visiting for an hour
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Marathon Completed! While I just missed the time I wanted I finished all 26.2 running.
About 11 months ago by: Garrett Rasel (@RZDZ03)

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Just a picture from the fire in boulder https://t.co/k3AvMlhRUz
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Submitted by Garrett on February 26, 2020 - 13:47
Fix one problem create another.

Wow it almost Been A year

Submitted by Garrett on December 8, 2010 - 13:26
It been almost a year since I have updated my blog, and in that time almost nothing significant in my has changed. Little things here and there have changed. More and more of my friends are getting new jobs and moving away from Grand Forks again, which sucks cause my circle of friends here keeps getting smaller and smaller. Work is still the same old same old, teaching students how to fly an airplane and trying not to let them kill me and try to make a little bit of money to live. I love the flying I wish the money was just a little easier to make and wasn't effected by the weather as much as it is, it sucks when you think you have an 8 hour day scheduled then ends up being 0 hours because of the weather it ends up being a disappointment. I'm liking the whole twitter micro blog on the left had side to keep mini updates posted, and I think I might start trying a little harder to update the blog a little bit more often monthly or bi monthly.


Submitted by Garrett on February 11, 2010 - 17:38
Well as you probably can tell I have made some small changes to my site/blog. Most of them are small but there is 1 large change on the left hand side and that it my Tweets. This will keep you more informed about thing in my day and life on a more regular basis and the blog will still be used for long rants big changes in my life or anything that I still want it to do.

In other news I have had a very slow working month of February due to bad weather. It is quite a change from 4 months ago when I was working 13 days straight. I have also started to get my resume out into the world look for new, different, or exciting jobs as a pilot. That all I can think of for now.

Cold is back

Submitted by Garrett on December 8, 2009 - 14:28
Winter is back in Grand Forks :-( All I do is work.

It Official I am now a ND Resident

Submitted by Garrett on June 1, 2009 - 22:11
After moving hopefully for the last time while living in Grand Forks I decided it time to become an ND resident. So I got a new Drivers License, new Plates for my truck, everything. I personally think it is about time as I have lived here longer than I ever did in CO. So a question that I asked myself lately is where am I from. I usually tell people Colorado but i was only there for a little over 2 years. Then I could say Ohio, I do like most sports teams from Ohio, but I fell this would miss all the growing up I did in CO, so I am at a loss. I know 1 thing it might be a while before I tell people that I am from ND. In other not so interesting news, I am still working a good bit as a flight instructors. I have to tell people though we do work some of the most interesting hours, I know airline pilots do as well but I think it is different as an instructor.
My Parents are coming up to GFK this weekend for the first time ever. Well not the first time but really the first time without school being involved really just to see me. I think we will have a good time as I am finalising up some plans for the weekend. I think that covers the recent big activity in my life so till next time…

The Flood

Submitted by Garrett on March 26, 2009 - 15:46
The Red River is flooding again this year like it does every year in the spring. This year in Grand Forks the river is supposed to crest between 52 and 53 feet, as seen here,below the flood level of 1997 that destroyed part of the city. While the city is sand bagging on the south side of town to protect some new developments not protected by the new 60 ft tall dike, the rest of the city is relativity save. Fargo is once again building massive dike made of sand bags for yet another year as the Red River here is supposed to hit record levels, seen here. Fargo need to learn the lesson that Grand Forks did and build a very large dike before the Red River can destroy it. This might of happened this year if it wasn't for the effort of the people who lived in Fargo and the surrounding area's creating millions of sand bags the getting them to the places where they needed to go to get the walls built.

The Flood

Submitted by Garrett on January 21, 2009 - 09:58
Ohh crap its been a really long time. Where to begin catching people up on whats happened in my life. I have been working a lot, Flight Instructing at UND still. I took my last class this fall, where I learned how to “fly”, okay I was in a sim the the whole time, a CRJ 200. It was a really fun class but it was also a lot of work. I graduated in December from the University of North Dakota. I did get to go home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas again this year. It might be a while until I get home again since I am working full time now. The short version of my plans include well staying here from the time being and waiting for the airline industry to turn around, who knows when that will be. So until the regional start hiring again I think I might be in Grand Forks for a while to come.That is the short version of whats been happening in my life, as for the long version I think it would take about a week to write out all of the details so the short version will have to do.

6 Months Later

Submitted by Garrett on January 21, 2009 - 09:58
Ohh crap its been a really long time. Where to begin catching people up on whats happened in my life. I have been working a lot, Flight Instructing at UND still. I took my last class this fall, where I learned how to “fly”, okay I was in a sim the the whole time, a CRJ 200. It was a really fun class but it was also a lot of work. I graduated in December from the University of North Dakota. I did get to go home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas again this year. It might be a while until I get home again since I am working full time now. The short version of my plans include well staying here from the time being and waiting for the airline industry to turn around, who knows when that will be. So until the regional start hiring again I think I might be in Grand Forks for a while to come.That is the short version of whats been happening in my life, as for the long version I think it would take about a week to write out all of the details so the short version will have to do.

The End of Summer is HERE

Submitted by Garrett on August 19, 2008 - 22:11
Well the end of summer is finally here and it was to short. Since the 4th of July I have been busy, I was at my job as a University of North Dakota Flight instructor. I spent lots of time flying the Piper Arrow and had a lot of fun with my students. Then I went on my vacation, I was in Florida for 4 day, well i guess only 2 since the first and the last day were spent flying pretty much all day, especially the trip back due to two different maintenance problem on my Northwest Flights, but it happens. I have also taking a couple of Sundays off and gone tubing on Red Lake River, that was lots of fun. Parker is back in Grand Forks and we have gone out a couple of times, and I am glad he is back working at Rhombus Pizza. It has the best Pizza and Atmosphere in Grand Forks, ND. During this time I have still been doing some instruction and getting ready for my last semester of school. I am trying to think about what I want to due when school is up. I think I might stay in Grand Forks to stay with all of my friends up here, but I may also move back to Denver and mooch of the parents for a little while. The nice part about moving back to Denver would be no more super cold winters, I'm so tired of -30 temperatures.
Outside my life and into the main stream world the Olympics have been going on. While The US is currently ahead of China in the over all medal count, China is handing it to the world when it comes to the gold medals. One truly positive note for the US in the Olympics has been Michael Phelps. It was truly fun to watch him preform and win by as little as .01 of a second to winning by several seconds and setting new world records.
Political News - Barack Obama vs John McCain mud slinging has begun, nothing else said is needed.

That's my rant for now ttyl.

4th in the Forks

Submitted by Garrett on July 5, 2008 - 14:25
It is my second summer in Grand Forks now and the second year to see the fireworks show. This year it wasn't interrupted by a thunderstorm which made last year show entertaining but this year it reminded me of the fireworks in Westerville. 1 firework at a time for 30 minutes then the finale. I think we Me and Mike, the bar tender from Rhombus which has the best pizza, got on the roof of Sledsters and had a great view of the fireworks and the city. Otherwise I have been flight instructing now and all is going well. It is a very different being in charge of the aircraft with out doing much of the flying. I think this will make me a better pilot cause I see a lot of thing that make me be more aware of whats going on and I think that will help.
Well its 2 days to my birthday and I don't know what I want to do yet, I will probably end up at Rhombus like I always do and a month till i get to see the whole family which i haven't see in ages. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and getting a vacation in Florida. I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July and will write again soon.

It's Been a long month

Submitted by Garrett on October 25, 2007 - 23:21
First my condolences to the family of Annette Klosterman, a Flight Instructor, and Adam Ostapenko, Student, who lives were lost in a plane crash, while on a cross country from St. Paul back to Grand Forks on the return flight back to UND.

In other life news I have been busier than ever this year. This year I have had to write more papers, do more group projects, do more research than ever before in my college career. I thought senior year was supposed to be a little bit easier. Between all this papers and project which I have devoted time to I have also been working more. So it seems like free time is now a thing of the past. This is the first time in a while that I haven't flow in a semester, and I can't imagine what my schedule would be like if I had to.

Outside of school what have I been up to, your joking right? No I have had some free time to myself but I spent it working on the computer. I know have another new email. I like it is kind cool I don't know if I want to keep it running but I have garrett @ garrettrasel . com ← spaced so I don't get spam mail. I also have created a new web page for Student Aviation Advisory Counsel at http://saac.aero.und.edu/ which I hold the technology chair at. Its late so I am going to enjoy the thing I love to do, SLEEP.

Classes Resumed

Submitted by Garrett on September 2, 2007 - 13:42
So classes have stared once again for me. I if you look at my schedule link in the top right corner it has this semesters current classes. I am only officially enrolled in 12 credit hours however I am attending 16 credit hours classes as I am trying to finish my CFI rating. I cannot be take CFII until I am finished but for attendance purposes I am going to classes anyway. This will prove to be a fun but difficult final year here at UND hopefully. Things I missed to tell you in August cause I was so busy with flying and UND CFI new hire meetings. I got hired as a flight instructor here at the university and i am looking forward to starting some time soon. I also moved out of my old apartment and now live with Joel in my new apartment. I think that covers up just about anything of importance that happed during August until now.

Spin Flight

Submitted by Garrett on July 27, 2007 - 12:18
Ok so that was the most fun I have ever had when flying a plane. I got to fly with Jim King an instructor here a UND who used to be a Wild Weasel pilot during the Vietnam War. So today we went up and i did the required spins for my CFI certification, Power on, Power off, and Cross Controlled stalls into spins. After we finish that we got to do some Aerobatic maneuvers including, loops, hammerheads, Clover leaf, aileron rolls, and a four point turn it was a ton of fun.


Submitted by Garrett on July 23, 2007 - 15:19
Well it once again has been a while and school will do that to ya but here is a short recap of some of the thing that have happened. I got injured of a four wheeler and that was lots of fun. Then I had my 22ed birthday and realized that from here on out i was just getting older, Nate and I went out to celebrate it since there was really no one else in town. Then I went to Jordan and Tristaen wedding in Minot and that was a lot of fun and a really good time. Kurt Porter and Kate Palmer got engaged that weekend so that is some good news, they are thinking some time in December to have the wedding. CFI is still a crap load of work but it is slowly getting done. Only until August 2 then I'm done with the class, which will be followed by a UND Flight instructor Hiring, so hopefully I get a Job. Mark, my roommate, got hired by Trans States Airlines and should be starting classes September 4th. I think that cover the news in a nut shell.

Ahh the Joy of CFI

Submitted by Garrett on June 18, 2007 - 00:42
So now that I am in the 3rd week of my CFI, Certified Flight Instructing, and class I have already had 2 tests and a couple of major assignments. On top of that I have normal class assignments and readings that need to be accomplished. After a 2 week delay in my flight training 1/3 my fault 2/3 my instructor fault I have finally started to get some lessons completed. This requires additional readings and work along with the flights themselves. I do have to say flying in the right seat of the plane makes quite a difference in the prospective that you view things, made flying a little interesting again. Also going back to flying a Piper Warrior, even though it has a glass cockpit, just isn’t fun especially in the hot summer days when the plane just doesn’t want to climb. So just after the start of my 3rd week it’s been super busy. I kind of want a short break in the action over a weekend but I know that isn’t going to happen. If you are wondering what else I have been doing well school is pretty much it. I did have to move my Hard Drive for the web server into a different computer after the computer it was in just quit working the other day. So I spent a couple of hours trouble shooting and updating settings after I had to move the hard drive. So now the pages should be server a little faster now as it is power by an Pentium 4 1.3 GHz and 512 mb of ram up from the old server which was 400MHz and 128 mb of ram.

Back To UND

Submitted by Garrett on June 3, 2007 - 22:02
Well after a week long visit to home I am back in good old Grand Forks, ND. My CFI class starts on Monday, lucky me. First I have one last flight I must finish by the end of the week and I should be able to as long as the weather cooperates with me for once this summer. Going home was fun I was glad to see everyone and do a little bit of work. I didn't get to see Joe but crap happens and we talk enough online as it is ask Joe he will tell you. A short entry for now, hopefully I won't be to bussy this summer to keep putting up new post. See you all later :-)

Bachelor Party and Finals

Submitted by Garrett on May 8, 2007 - 22:42
Well then this last weekend was an exciting one. Nate, Kurt, Dan and I, flew out to Baker, MT for are good friend Donovan bachelor party. The flight to Montana wasn't all that bad had some actual IFR which was fun to get some practice in. Then we landed in Dickenson, ND to refuel and Kurt flew a some of that leg to Baker. While there we meet Donovan's friends who helped us throw the bachelor parts. We played some fun games and a couple of drinks and reminisced about old times and joked about the future. Then we had to fly home on Sunday where Nate spent most of the time dodging thunderstorm with a little bit of my help. We were supposed to go from Baker to Bismarck to Grand Forks. After we took off after a long delay trying to get our clearance for take off due to Flight Service Stations closing and no Air Craft wanting to relay a message, the flight was from Baker to Minot back Grand Forks(hopefully I can post our route of travel). Then we got back and Nate ended up being late for a Student Aviation Advisory Counsel (SAAC) interview session for new applicants which I had an Interview at 7pm. I found out today that I got a position to serve on the counsel which I am very excited for opportunity that I have been presented with. Now finals are this week and I don't know why I am blogging with so much stuff that I have to get done. The good news is I am done with Gas Turbine and Multi Engine classes. So that only leaves my Perl Programming assignment left, which is kick my butt, and Airline Operations, that is a take home, and Long Range and International Navigation, which I have yet to start studying for. So I have a busy rest of the week left and thought I would catch you all up real quickly.

So I had a lot on my mind

Submitted by Garrett on April 25, 2007 - 19:37
Ok so it has been an incredibly long time since my last blog update so I decided it was about time to add a new entry. It won’t be short because there is a lot of information that I should add. I will start with the most recent decisions and work my way back to the last blog entry so it still says in a chronological order. The first thing I should get out there is that I will stay in Grand Forks this summer. There are many reasons why I am doing this but to cut to the points I am included the possibility of getting hired by UND before the fall semester and to graduate by next may. So this summer will be really busy this 1 class is a 9 week class worth 5 credits so I might not have any fun this summer. Well I hope to have some fun this summer I do have a pair of weddings to attended, Donovan and Nessa’s and Jordan and Tristan’s. Then I do hope to be home for a couple of weeks where I want to help out Aubrey and Bruce at the museum where every they need me. This summer will be interesting to say the least. Then going back in time about things I wanted to complain about include Trillian. I have used this all in one Instant Messenger for a long time and have long awaited the new version. Well I am tired of waiting and reading all these new blogs. They need to start finishing it and release or I might have to quit using it because it’s a giant hassle. Then there is Microsoft Vista and Office 2007, Office 2007 is amazing and I love what they have done with it. Then there is Vista well now that I finally have an anti virus for it I am starting to like it more and more except for the hourly crashes of the graphics driver and the drastically reduced life of the battery. I say give it another 6 months of tweaking before moving to it. Then there is the status of my Multi Engine flight course. Despite how fast I was spending the money I’m still not quite done yet and have about 5 lessons +- 1 left so I am hopping do be done before too much longer.
Back to Spring Break now when I meant to write my actual last blog. I got out of Grand Forks which was desperately needed because I was starting to get bored and burned out. So I spent my spring break in Staples, MN with my buddy Kurt. I caught back up on all my sleep which I had been missing a lot of, then also got some Halo playing done since I hadn’t really done it in a couple of year. Then I added 1 completely new activity to this spring break when I went snowmobiling. Me and Kurt went and visited Kate (Kurt’s Girlfriend) in town, and then later that night we went out on the river. It was a great spring break and thoughts are just some of the highlights from it. I think at one point there were a lot more things that I had wanted to write about but I just can’t remember them now. So I am going to try and write on my blog more often and over a lot more stuff including things outside my life but that I still find interesting. Hopefully this will be about once a week or every two weeks we will see as I have a busy summer ahead.

It been a while

Submitted by Garrett on February 23, 2007 - 00:24
Well it has been a while since I have written on my blog and I have a lot to say. So where to begin, I'll start with school. This semester seems to be filled with a couple of mono tone professors. This makes these classes had to sit through with out being distracted. The there is Perl, a computer programming class, it lots of fun and it different but some times I think I'm in over my head then it all clicks so I really don't know what to think about that class. The there is Airline operations to by Higgins. He is a good professor although his topic isn't that fun, he like to get us to talk and share opinions about lots of things espically the School of Aerospace which I think is good. He gets us to talk about thing we like or don't like, Higgins is one of the few faculty members who I think actually has are best interest at heart.
On to things in my life beside school. I am back to working out in the early morning although I don't always make it. It been good but hard to keep with. On top of that i run about 2-3 days of week with Nate, man its been a while and I'm SLOW. Parking at the Ralph is done for the most part except for a couple of odds and end jobs at the Frits and stuff. An Intermural hockey news we lost the 1st game of the semester tonight in a shoot out 4-3, we out shot that team 40-8, yea we should of won.
Then to politics for a brief moment, cause it is bugging me. Mrs. Clinton will not will because of Obama, who I like, but Obama will not win cause he lacks the experience in my opinion to beat a republican like McCain or Giuliani. I like both McCain and Giuliani but as the election gets closer and closer I will make my decision, I am going to do more reading about the candidates as it gets closer. In international politics, good for Price Harry to go to Iraq. I like that despite his background he is willing to sever for “God and Queen”.


Submitted by Garrett on February 6, 2007 - 09:50
1 year since Jake Spann was KIA in Iraq. Rest In Peace.

Start of School

Submitted by Garrett on January 25, 2007 - 17:22
Well classes have begun again this semester and it looks like this could be extremely busy for me. I have several group projects already along with a couple of big individual projects. I am also taking Perl, a computer programming class, to get a break from all the flying classes I am taking. I have moved up in airplanes once again I am now flying the Piper Seminole, a multi-engine airplane. Thus far it has been a very fun aircraft to fly, and I had, because he is moving on, a great flight instructor.
In none school related news we think we have an idea for spring break that involves rock climbing. So every Tuesday night I have been climbing with Kurt and Dan to get ready. I have also started to lift in the mornings with Kurt and Nate, every so often we do sleep in. Mondays and Wednesday Nate and myself also do some running after class. Dan introduced me to snow kiting this last weekend and that was fun and incredibly tiring. It is different from snowboarding down hill that is for sure. I think that cover all the news from the here.

Christmas and New Year

Submitted by Garrett on January 7, 2007 - 14:02
Well as many of you know i went back to Colorado to spend Christmas with the family. I also worked at the art museum doing some odd and ends tasks. I didn't get to work as much as I wanted due to 3 major snow storms that dumped more than 50+ inches in the Ranch. Had dinner with a couple of friends on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Then for the New Year I was in Las Vegas with Mark and Joel. We were on the strip for New Years Eve and it was packed they estimated some 300,000 people were there. We also went to a couple of night clubs in Vegas where we got to see the Pussy Cat Dolls Play. I did a little gambling and lost only a little money on the tables and slots. I think that cover the major events of the break.

Thanksgiving & Web Site & Home

Submitted by Garrett on December 6, 2006 - 20:38
This thanksgiving was a little different form my past thanksgivings. I spent this one in Minneapolis and St. Paul with my friend Joel and his family along with working a couple of hours at JC Penny to earn some extra money for my trip to Las Vegas over the New Year. I enjoyed it and had a great time.
As you can probably tell my blog has gone under some renovation. I have update the software that powers my blog to the newest version, I have also done this to the wiki along with changing the theme.
I will be going home over this Christmas break. My flight leaves Grand Forks at 5am, lucky me. The days that I am going to be in Denver i will be working at the Art Museum helping them with some IT needs. Sorry about the long time since the last update I have been busy.


Submitted by Garrett on November 8, 2006 - 16:15
Well it looks like the the democrats won both the house and the senate. I am going to keep my mouth shut for now, but if they don't do any thing they said they were you can expect me to become a little upset about these thing. I guess I will have to wait and see.


Submitted by Garrett on November 7, 2006 - 10:10
Well now that I am done with flying for the semester it is time to start the long list of projects that I have been given but put off so I could finish getting my commercial. I got my Flight Phys project done and have started on my Aviation Law one. My aerodynamics project build a plane, well it kind of flies but it loves doing aileron rolls then crashing. Then there is writing out the Mission Statement for an FBO(Fixed Based Operator), that’s where you go to rent planes or learn to fly. On top of the projects I have been working these last several days and went to Kate's and Anne's birthday party. None school news, congratulations to the Denver Art Museum and it successful opening of its expansion.


Submitted by Garrett on October 18, 2006 - 12:08
Yea I'm almost done flying for the semester, this means no more getting up at 530 and being out at the airport by 7am. I have a stage check left and a short cross country to the then I will be all done. I got my FAA written Exam done, and I have started studying for the Oral Exam. The last two weeks of bussyness have slowed a little but im still doing a lot. I have aslo found a couple of nifty new computer programs and I listed them on my wiki. Until next time, im out.


Submitted by Garrett on October 1, 2006 - 21:40
Well I guess it about that time in people’s lives where they start getting married. Thus Far next year I have 3 weddings I need to attend: Donovan and Vanessa, Jordan and Tristan, and Brittany and here fiancé. I’m sure that this number will grow over the next several months. In other news UND Hockey started tonight which means I am working again. Today it was 80 which was a whole lot better than 0 or colder. Hopefully it is that nice again next week. Well I got to get to sleep it will be a long day again tomorrow.


Submitted by Garrett on September 21, 2006 - 21:42
School is going well, I'm starting to take test now finally, I guess. Flying is going really well I have 5 lessons left and I think I should be done at most in three weeks as long as the weather continues to coorperate for the most part. I have to finish up studying for my commercial written along with systems. I'm still trying to figure out why Drupal isn't sending out usernames and passwords. Well it is getting late and I got to get up early.

Labor Day Weekend

Submitted by Garrett on September 5, 2006 - 16:02
So this weekend I thought about going down to the cities with Joel to hang out but then I was about getting cought back up in my flights for 323. So I stayed here and the forks and got cought back up and ahead 3 lessons so I happy about that. I want to stay ahead the rest of the semester so I can get done early and work more than fly. I think I might of found a couple of possible work study jobs so i need to go do the paper work and apply for them. They all are in computers so I like that. Well we, Joel and I, are off to Fargo to get his stuff out of his car. later

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