Konfabulator - This program is a widget program. It allow you to put things like a calander or weather on you desktop to be seen at all times when you not running other programs. It similar to the on on Mac OS X 10.4
One Note - I program from microsoft similar to word but is setup to takes notes in class. Best when used on a laptop so you can take it to class and take notes.
BitPim - A cool program to add rigtones and remove video clips from you LG cell phone. Easy to use all you need is the data cable.
WinAVIConverter - Converts dvd into AVI file format or more important it takes AVI file formats and puts them back into DVD form.
Acala DVD Copy - Copies DVD with copyright protection on them a must if you are going to burn DVD's
PQDVD - A program to copy DVD's or other downloaded files into MP4 format so that an IPod can play them.

Mozilla FireFox - A Web Browser Like Internet Explorer but it help protect your computer from spt and adware as long as protect against some Viruses.
Trillian - Instant Messaging Clients, it puts AIM, MSN, Yahoo all on one interface so its eaiser to see whos online.
FileZilla - A Free FTP client and now Server. It if from the same people who Created Firefox.
Thunderbird - A free mail client similar to microsoft outlook. From the same creators of FileZilla and FireFox.
Skype - A VoIP (Voice Over IP) a cool program that allows you to talk to any one one the internet and telephone.
Opera - Another free web browser to compete with IE and FireFox. Has great live bookmarking option and RSS feed reader. Not for the newer of users. Has good CSS and HTML reader unlike IE, very similar to FireFox.

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